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July 8th, 2008
by Brett

Hi Geff,
I've got a multi-faceted question for the pros at Max Muscle Santa Cruz. I've heard that the worst time to eat is right before bed, due to the fact that your metabolism is at its slowest while you sleep. This means that your body will basically take all those calories and store them as fat; and not use them as fuel, muscle-building, and fat-burning (depending on the food). Is this true? If the above is true — or at least partially true — in the sense that metabolism is at its slowest while you're sleeping, does this mean that if you sleep in late that you're not doing what's best for your body? I know there's a point where your body needs rest; so what is the 'happy medium'? Obviously you don't want to deprive your body of sleep, since you need to recover. What do you think?

Hi Brett,
The myth that eating before bed makes you fat is wrong. It's what you eat before bed that will make you fat. A bowl of Haagen Dazs before bed is obviously not a good choice. Depending upon your goal and your overall caloric intake, eating a slow digesting high protein meal can acutally fuel your metabolism to accelerate fat loss and also supply your body with the protein it needes to repair and build muscle while you sleep. A good example of a slow digesting protein before bed would be our Max High5 protein powder and 5 - 10 grams of our Max Glutamine for recovery. Remember, your body is recovering during sleep. So supplying your body with the necesary nutrients will aid not only fat loss but muscle hypertrophy.
Great Question!

June 10th, 2008
by Jim Smith

Hi Geff,
I was doing some lat pull-downs the other day when I realized that I'd been doing them for years, but with very little results. I'm looking for something that will give me some good thickness in my back muscles, but not necessarily that dramatic "V" taper that you see some of the more typical bodybuilders. What's your best suggestion for an exercise that will be good for me?

Hi Jim,
I would suggest something along the lines of a single-arm row; my personal favorite for this is the bent-over row. This exercise will give you great thickness in the back muscles, as well as strengthen your lower back muscles if done properly. It is also a nice supplementary movement to your shoulder routine, as it hits the rhomboids pretty heavily — in addition to being a nice range of motion exercise for the shoulder joints!
Good luck!

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