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Sarah Malone

Changing My Life - The Max Muscle Way

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This is Sarah's Story

All through high school I was 98 lbs. I could eat what I wanted and not gain a pound. A year after graduation my father died of colon cancer, which gave me a violent shove into the adult world. I was forced to get a full-time job to support not only myself but my mother. While I had found a great job, I was confined to a desk. I had now missed the chance to attend a four-year university and couldn't help but to think about other things that I would never get to experience, like my father walking me down the aisle and becoming a grandfather later in life. All I could think about was my father; being an only child I was daddy's little girl and it hurt so much to have lost him. The only way I knew how to help comfort myself was with food.

I was used to eating anything I wanted — why should that change? Ten years had gone by and I had gained 37 pounds. I was weighing 135 pounds on my 4 foot 11 inch frame and was wearing a size 12/14. I had hit rock-bottom and needed to make a change. Not only was I still depressed about losing my dad and the fact that so much time had passed, I was also depressed that I had gained so much weight. I needed a change and wasn't sure what to do.

A friend of mine introduced me to the gym and also to a person that would change my life forever. His name is Geff Malone, owner of Max Muscle Santa Cruz. He taught me the importance of nutrition and proper supplementation. He understood that while I was trying to lose weight, I was having a hard time seeing results. He showed me the Max Muscle nutrition plan and incorporated the right supplementation for me to achieve my goal. I was astounded by how much weight I lost in the first week. He helped me to realize that starving myself (which is what most women do) was not the answer. He also explained that eating a proper meal every three hours would help speed up my metabolism and help me lose bodyfat.

Max Muscle supplements really changed my life. These incredible supplements helped me to attain my goal of gaining lean, toned muscle and losing bodyfat. I am happy to report that in only a short time I went from a size 12/14 at 135 pounds to a size 1 at 100 pounds. I have since become a figure competitor/fitness model and also married the man that changed my life. To get a jump-start on changing your life, download this PDF flier and come on down to Max Muscle of Santa Cruz. Print the ad and bring it for an instant 15% off.

I have now dedicated my career to bodybuilding and figure coaching for both men and women. I also help Geff manage Max Muscle by coming down to the shop a few days a week. Click this link to ask me anything about coaching, supplements, and training. My regimen features the Max Muscle nutrition plan; a healthy, balanced diet in which you're consuming quality calories; and of course, weight training and cardiovascular conditioning. I'm available for training, too, so please be sure to contact me to get started. Feel free to call me at any time at the shop: (831) 462-6629.

Good luck!
Sarah Malone

PS — We now have a special section on Max Muscle Santa Cruz's website where I'm offering my coaching services for bodybuilding and fitness competitors. Please click here to check out the new page!

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