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Dear Sarah,

The support, encouragement, and mentorship you gave during the weeks leading up to my first Figure competition were invaluable. How you organized our coaching sessions enabled me to learn the mandatory poses without getting overwhelmed. I love the night show routine you put together. It really fit my personality and showed off my best assets. Not only that, but your responsiveness to my pre-contest preparation questions was greatly appreciated. I definitely will tap into your expertise again as I take on my next endeavor --- Bodybuilding and won't hesitate to refer you to anyone looking for a top-notch competition coach.

Ilyse "The Ripped Pixie" Pender

Hi Sarah,

I spoke with you approximately four months ago and I wanted to take this time to thank you on giving me great advice on exercise and Max Muscle supplements. Since then I've lost 25 lbs and went from wearing size 16 to size 8 (WooHoo!!). I do 45 minutes of cardio 6 days a week along with resistance training 5 days a week. I also take the Max Muscle supplements you recommended like the ThermXX, ThyrX, Triple Whey protein, EFA, and High5 every day. I have more energy and stamina than I ever thought possible. I haven't reached my goal weight yet but I'm getting there.

So again I thank you.

Liz Mendoza

Max Muscle,
About 6 months ago my gallbladder was removed and I was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. In the two weeks I spent in the hospital I lost 18 pounds and another 10 over the next month recovering. Because of my pancreatitis I was forced on to a diet that limited my fat intake to around 20 grams a day. But I wanted to gain the lean weight I had lost back on, so I asked the staff to make me a diet and workout plan, and to guide me to the right supplements. I am proud to say that in five months of sticking to the diet and workout plan and taking CarboMax and MaxPro that I have gained just over 20 pounds while keeping my body fat under 10%. I highly reccomend Max Muscle and its excellent staff for any of your fitness advice or supplement sales.

Mike Hughes
Santa Cruz, CA

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